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Investment strategy alone does not move markets.
Market flows do. See where professionals are moving to.

The key to positioning

The last step in an investment process should be positioning analysis. Is the investment thesis already factored in by the market? A market call becomes less interesting when the competition has already moved. This is why it is important to know how top managers are positioned.
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    In search of the First Mover Advantage Is my view factored in by the consensus? The best investment strategy is not worth much if investors have already made their move. LuxArbor tracks the percentage of funds that are overweight in a country or sector.

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    Tracking the "Hot Hand" managers To compete with top-quartile or top-decile funds, one has to know how they are positioned. LuxArbor tracks the allocation of funds by return percentile.

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    How much should I overweight/underweight a country or a sector to beat the median of funds?Too often, the weighting decision is based on feelings. LuxArbor provide weight guidelines. After all, overweigthing a country or sector will not have the desired effect if top managers have an even larger overweight position.


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